Plan around your brides personality

No matter where or when you propose, or what your ring is like. You're going to absolutely need to cater to your girlfriend's personality.

Halo Setting Diamond Engagement Ring



Here are some of the main personality types to consider:

  • Shy: Plan something private. She's not going to want a crowd of people around. Preferable choose a place that is quiet and intimate. 
  • Adventurous: Make sure you are out in nature - Narrow down outdoorsy to something very specific. For example, a waterfall that will reminde your fiance of this special day.
  • Sporty:  Sporty doesn't mean you have to propose in front of thousands of screaming fans. Be creative and get custom baseball cards made!
  • Nerdy: If your bride is a geek you may want to incorporate some technology into your proposal. 
  • Trendy: If your girl is fashionable, you definitely want to be dressed up and out on a very special occasion. And plan for photos to capture your instagramable moment.
  • Animal Lover: You're going to definitely want to involve the pets - or why not go horseback riding? 
  • Arty:If your girlfriend is artistic she's probably going to want something creative and unique. Something thoughtful and personal may mean a whole lot more to her than glamour. 
  • Party girl: A good way to think of "party girl" is simply social. She probably likes to be around other people. You probably don't want to propose at a party, but what you could do is propose first while alone. Then surprise her with a party of friends or family afterwards, where you can then all celebrate together. 


Beach Proposal


Setting & Location

The setting can be everything. We wanted to give you some ideas and resources for types of places you can propose. Remember to consider your girlfriend's personality and interests! No matter where you live, you can find places like these just about anywhere.
Holidays can be a great time to propose. It's a natural time to relax, be somewhere romantic, and create great memories. Just be careful with these. You don't want your bride to be to feel like they're getting shortchanged on the Holiday. In other words, do just as much as you would for Christmas etc in addition to your special proposal.




You've narrowed down her personality and interests. Hopefully you've picked a fantastic location. But you don't want to forget the final touches that will make the day perfect!


This may depend on your location and setting too. But if you have the opportunity to bring along a little extra music for ambiance, definitely don't forget it!
Apple has a lot of wireless speakers that work with iPods and iPhones.
You may have a special song together - if so that would be the ideal music to play. If not, I suggest you spy on her music collection for ideas.



If you're proposal at a restaurant, this isn't a concern. But what about that beach or picnic proposal? Remember to pack these essentials;

Wine - know your girlfriend's wine preference.
Gourmet Horderves - Ceck our pinterest board for some easy ideas
The extras - don't forget wine glasses, a cooler box, napkins, cutlery. A picnic set is a fabulous romantic addition.



As mentioned above, you can consider hiring a photographer to be there to capture the special moment. They could be hidden to not give it away!

You may want to consider having someone there to catch a video. This could be easier of course if you're including friends or family who can do this for you, but just don't forget it! 


The most important part. You may already have a ring chosen if you are this far into the process. If not, Jewel Bear has an extensive guide for everything you need to know about Diamonds. You may always contact us directly too - we are here to help with any ring questions you might have.