Customise your ring to make them as special as possible

Whether you’re engraving your wedding band or your engagement ring, Jewel Bear will be delighted to guide you on the process.

Diamond Ring Engraving


A Guide On Engraving Your Wedding Band

Personalize your engagement ring even more with a special message engraved on your wedding band. Using the latest laser technology, we’re able to engrave creative and memorable personalized messages or even images on your engagement ring. These unique personalized engravings extend from meaningful dates, initials, fingerprints to beautiful quotes. Your options are endless. Do you still feel you need inspiration? We’ve compiled a few ideas that might give you inspiration for your personalized engraving. 


Engrave A Personalized Message

Saying, ‘I love you’, has been a firm favorite amongst future brides and grooms. Other options include:

  • Forever & Always
  • Love You To The Moon And Back
  • You’re My World
  • Our Love Is Forever


Ring Engraving



Most couples have a special name for their significant other – by engraving the nickname, you will be able to personalize your diamond creation even more.


Location, location, location

Share the coordinates of the location where you first met or had your first date. Or it could even be the coordinates of your wedding venue, or home address.


Speak Foreign

Share the words, ‘I love you’ in another language. Use your preferred language of love for the engraving:

  • te amo (Spanish)
  • ich liebe dich (German)
  • ti amo (Italian)
  • je t'aime (French)


Engrave Your Initials

By engraving your initials on you’re the ring, you show your eternal love for one another.


Engraving on a Gold Ring


Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Most couples share a song together that represents their love for each other. How about engraving a special sentence or lyric chorus from the song? The song and engraving will keep reminding you of the special bond you share together as a couple.


Share A Special Date

As a couple, you share a lot of special milestones in your relationship worth treasuring. Engrave those special dates you would like to remember forever. These special dates could be anything from your engagement date to the wedding date or even the date you first met.


How About A Movie Quote?

Be creative. A lot of films resonate with couples as their relationship progresses. How about sharing your favorite line from a romantic film? Perhaps, it’s a line from a movie you first went to go see together as a couple.


For more guidance on engraving your wedding band or engagement ring contact a Jewel Bear consultant directly.


Diamond Engraving on The Girdle


Why do people choose engraved stones?

Everyone has their own jewelry story, but we have broken it down into two main categories: people who want to personalize their diamond, and people who want to secure it. As mentioned above many couples engrave a personal message on their rings to symbolize their love and commitment for each other. On the other hand, you could have your diamond engraved with a certification number from the laboratory where it was certified. A certification number is the most common diamond engraving, because every diamond under .50 carats comes with one.


For smaller diamonds like these, the GIA creates a dossier that includes the stone’s certification number. Then this number is engraved on the diamond’s girdle. This makes it incredibly easy for any gemologist or jeweler to spot the number and identify the diamond if it is lost or stolen.




How are diamonds engraved?

The technology has changed over the years, starting with hand tools. These can produce simple engravings such as initials, but no complex designs or images. Next came engraving machines, which were more accurate.


Today, the leading technology is laser diamond engraving. This requires a huge, high-powered laser that requires an entire room to itself and many, many rounds of testing. With our laser, you can see all of Ritani’s diamond engraving at 10x magnification. The girdle of a diamond can be extremely thin, so we have to constantly make sure the engraving laser is functioning properly.




Diamond Engraving Dos and Don’ts:

DO consider your ring setting before having a diamond engraved.

There’s no sense in having a diamond engraved with something your significant other will never see. Certain rings – such as halo and bezel settings – will cover the diamond’s girdle, which is where engravings are located. For a prong setting, you should make sure the engraving is located between the prongs so it’s still visible.

DO keep it short and sweet.

Try and keep your engraved message to about 50 characters in length. Otherwise, you run the risk of your engraving wrapping around itself.

DON’T believe every myth you hear about diamond engraving.

There’s a rumor out there that having your diamond engraved with something personal will cause the stone’s value to plummet. In the unlikely event that you have to resell, don’t give this a second thought when you engrave your diamond, as most engravings can be lasered off.

DO get creative with your engraving.

High-powered laser can engrave designs, pictures, and symbols as well as text. If there’s a design or symbol that is significant to you and your partner, we can engrave it on your diamond for you.