What would you like the surface of your Jewellery to look like?

Jewelry finish, or jewelry texture, refers to the exterior surface treatment applied to a jewelry piece.

Most commonly seen in wedding bands, finishes can transform ordinary jewelry into something extraordinary. The different finishes can be applied to a variety of different metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, sterling silver, or stainless steel. Here are some of the most common finishes we can apply to your fine jewelry:


Wedding Band Finishes


High Polish:

The brightest sheen possible that we can create, which gives the ring a beautiful mirror effect.


Matte Finish:

This is a lovely soft matte finish for those who don't want an overly shiny look.


Black Rhodium:

This unique finish will give your jewelry a radiant luster with a cool and dark edgy feel.


Brushed Finish:

Like a Satin or Matte Finish that has an obvious direction; side to side or to an angle.


Hammered Finish:

This ring is literally hammered to create moon crater-like divots.


Sandblast Finish:

The precious metal is blasted with sand to create a frosted look and texture.


Florentine Finish:

A rigid, directional texture, which is popular in antique jewelry pieces.


Engraving Finish:

Typically done by hand after the ring is complete, but sometimes done in the computer before casting.




Different ring Finish


Milgrain Finish:

A type of embellishment that gives the ring a beautiful antique look of tiny balls of metal, decorating the sides of the band and the crown of the ring.


Oxidized Finish:

A chemical process sometimes applied to sterling silver to darken the metal. Gold can also be antiqued in recessed areas.